Quality Policy

· Provide quality products and processes, through efficient processes.

· Generate business with added value.

· Produce safe and legal products according to the specified quality.

· Commitment to the process of continuous improvement to meet the needs and expectations of customers, associates, suppliers, staff, authorities, community and environment.

· Ensure commitment to the requirements of international standards implemented, legal obligations and relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

· Assume our responsibility to clients and exceed their expectations and needs.

Environmental Awareness

COTAGRO takes the responsibility to work with the highest quality standards, reducing any kind of environmental impact, supported on continuous improvement of its processes and the commitment of its employees, suppliers, government and other interested people.
Peanut Department is now implementing the standard ISO 14001 of Environmental Management, to get the right balance between profitability and environmental impact.
One of COTAGRO´s aim is to be a Cooperative with a strong environmental responsibility.

environmental policy

COTAGRO C.A.L defines and approves its commitment to a sustainable development of its activities through the following environmental policy:

- Identify the environmental effects generated by our activities and take actions to measure, monitor and reduce them.

- Consider environmental care as a strategy for growth and differentiation in continuous improvement of our cooperative and society.

- Include an appropriate use of natural resources and prevention of environmental pollution in the design of new projects and investments.

- Train and sensitize all staff of all environmental impacts caused by our activities and actions necessary to control or minimize them.

- Comply with all applicable environmental legal requirements.

- Work with other local institutions and organizations in activities that promote environmental education and sustainable development.

-Promote and foster care related to the environment in our local activities.

- Involve all our cooperative public: leaders, employees, partners, customers, suppliers, contractors in the environmental care and sustainable development paradigm.

- Provide the necessary resources to meet this commitment.

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