A Company with strong operational capacity

Gathering Capacity: para 45 mil toneladas de maní con cáscara, dividida en celdas de 20 mil, 7mil, 6 mil y 12 mil toneladas.


Capacidad de Siembrafor 45000 metric tons of peanut with shell, in four cells of 20000, 7000, 6000 and 12000 tons each other.


Sowing Capacity: 20000 hectares in total, being 7000 hectares of COTAGRO and 13000 hectares of associated producers.


Drying Capacity: 8 continue flow dryers and 30 static dryer trailers, complemented by 14 silos of 100 tons each one, which makes possible a flow of 180 tons of dry product by hour.

Production Capacity: Production plant of 4000 m2, with a process capability of 10 tons per hour for the raw peanut, and 4.5 tons by hour for blanched peanut.

Storage Capacity: Over 5000 m2 of warehouse, with optimal hygiene and conservation conditions up to the final product. The store capacity is from about 7000 tons.