COTAGRO. Cooperative heart, corporate mind

COTAGRO is an Argentine cooperative with over 65 years of experience. It was formed by more than seven hundred associates.
Throughout this time, it has occupied an important position in the agricultural business.
Its peanuts department was created over 30 years ago and today it has an important position in the peanut market not only in Argentina but also with the exports to the most demanding markets.

Besides, COTAGRO’s businesses include storing cereals and oilseeds, providing agricultural supplies, retailing and other agriculture-related activities, like technical advice to producers, provided by a qualified staff of professionals dedicated to the continuous improvement of the agricultural practices.
What is more, it produces activated carbon from peanut shell in a world-wide unique plant. (link

Other businesses include supermarkets, insurance, tourism and heath care programs.
With this cooperative conception, COTAGRO clearly represents the culture of work, the productive force and the innovative capacity of a flourishing Argentine region.

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