An industrial process with state-of-the-art technology

COTAGRO peanut is processed through a program that meets the most rigorous quality standards and international production, relying on fully automatized processes.
Every peanut truck that enters into the plant is sampled and submitted to the respective laboratory testing, to determine the percentage of damage and quality, as well as to control the presence of Aflatoxins. This last control is done by HPCL chromatography and Fluor metric methods.

If it is necessary, raw material goes through a drying process. COTAGRO has an area with a versatile system that consists in static and continuous flow dryers. After different steps which involve cleaning, separating shell and sizing, peanuts are submitted to an electronic, manual and mechanical classification process.

Peanut is sorted by color and texture by ELEXSO y SORTEX Z+ equipments which remove defective peanut, ensuring product quality. After that, the material don´t detected in peanut is put in pecking belts to be separate by specialized personnel. Final sizing is carried out through a circuit of different flat sieves, and then the final product is packaged.

Blanching of peanut

Fully automated, the blanching process is performed in a oven where peanut moves over a conveyor belt, with a six-heating stages, one-stabilizing stage and three-cooling stages. The coat comes off to be sent to ten state-of-the-art blancher machines.

An electronic sorter (SORTEX Z+) separates unfit peanut for packing.

A metal detector ensures the final peanut quality fulfilling the international market requirements.